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NBI Sealed bearings

 As a result of the work and effort of our engineering team, we have recently managed to incorporate a sealed version to the family of spherical roller bearings with contact seals on both sides

The seals for these bearings are made of rubber and reinforced with a steel plate. The options available are made of materials resistant to wear and lubricating oil, such as:

- nitrile rubber (NBR): suffix ORN

- hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR): suffix ORH

- fluorinated rubber (FKM): suffix ORF

The internal design of a sealed bearing corresponds to that of an open bearing. The external dimensions are also the same except for bearings based on the 222 and 223 series. These bearings are slightly wider and carry the series designation LB-22 and LB-23 respectively.

- Sealed spherical roller bearing NBI LB-2310-CC-ORN -
These bearings are suitable in demanding environments in that the special design protects them from dirt, moisture and allows them to maintain the grease inside.
Thanks to these unique features they are in high demand in sectors such as mining, paper industry, metallurgy, industrial gear boxes, textiles, railways, etc.

Eventually, we will manage to add the whole features of these and other spherical roller bearings in their own section in the NBI web. Meanwhile, if you need any further information regarding these bearings, you can contact us and request the NBI Spherical roller bearings catalogue recently published.



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